Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Art show wall space

My set up at my final art show. It was lots of fun getting together with friends and showing of our stuff.
Goauche soldier. I found it easy to get gradations with the paint.
Ed Nunn sketch in pencil I'll post when I water colour it too.
Marker sketch of a fish man. Blub blub.
My most recent oil painting. It took 2 hours.
Bird Boy representing his favourite clothing brand.
A Flex sketch to practice anatomy and rendering. The picture I sketched from was from a M&F add.
My first oil portrait. I really like oils.
Marker drawing of a happy guy. I think he looks a bit too greasy but you can be the judge of that.
Life drawing practicing lighting.
Had an Egyptian theme on the brain so I drew this dude.
Marker sketch of a sailor. I plan on doing more of these it was really fun.
A part of a sketch from my sketchbook. I am digitaly painting this right now.
Kai Green at the premiere of Pumping Iron. Ball point pen
A sketch from the Steven Silver Character Shuffle. Markers.
My final sculpture painted


a zombie monster sculpture i was working on